In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the fierce women of Swrve: leaders who are breaking barriers, sparking change, and setting new standards every single day. In this blog series, we’re sharing who they are, along with a quick look at what makes them fierce, and their advice to young women today.

The series continues with Sarah Little, Business Operations Manager for EMEA. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Sarah makes sure that employees are heard, supported, and empowered in Dublin and London. In her daily collaboration with general administration, HR, and finance teams, Sarah ensures the smooth operation of Swrve across all functions of the business. Her diligence, positive attitude, and distinctively organized approach to daily operations inspires us all to give our all and do our best within our own individual roles at Swrve.

Get to know Sarah, a fierce female leader at Swrve:

What does being a leader mean to you?

Leading from the front, and leading by example. A large part of my role is customer service; my colleagues are my customers and my purpose is to support them in their roles. 

I go into each day with integrity and the knowledge that I can ensure a supportive and conducive working environment for all of our employees (Swrvers I like to call them!). 

What’s your professional superpower, and how did you discover it?


Caring about our team as a whole, and caring about the part I play in this business. I am conscientious and detail-focused, which allows for the smooth running of the business everyday.

What’s your advice to young women today?

Dare to dream. Believe in yourself—set the bar high and go for it. If you focus on doing your best today, you’ll always do your best.

Support the strong women that make this world a better place. Join us in supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation today.