In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the fierce women of Swrve: leaders who are breaking barriers, sparking change, and setting new standards every single day. In this blog series, we’re sharing who they are, a quick look at what makes them fierce, and their advice to young women today. 

The series continues with Gina Harrison, Regional Director of Customer Success in the Americas. Gina ensures that Swrve’s customers gain measurable business value with achievable goals, personalized success blueprints, and repeatable programs for continued growth quarter after quarter. Her hands-on approach to solving issues has made her a reliable champion for strategic solutions, and a spirited advocate for success at Swrve. 

Get to know Gina, a fierce female leader at Swrve:

JW: What does being a leader mean to you?

GH:  Being a great leader means giving unwavering support to build confidence in others. Anyone can have an opinion on what's the next best move, and many people can direct a crowd, but it’s rare to find a leader who can understand and harness someone's passion to help them achieve greatness.  

JW: What's your professional superpower, and how did you discover it?

GH: Empathy—it's my superpower and my kryptonite. I work with people all day, every day and the one consistency I see is someone's desire to be acknowledged, understood, and validated. I feel most powerful when I can achieve business goals all while identifying and bringing out the best in people.

How did I discover it? Well, I've been suffering from Empathy my whole life, haha.

What's your advice to young women today?

Never underestimate the power of laughter!  

I find the best way to diffuse a difficult moment, in my professional career, is to laugh at myself. It reminds me that no one has all the answers and there are always going to be tough decisions and unfair biases, but everyone can come together with a good chuckle. It takes the power away from those that try to make you feel less than. And it never hurts to bring a smile to others!

Support the strong women that make this world a better place. Join us in supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation today.