We’ve all seen the bright, dazzling ads on Instagram and Facebook that tout exclusive sales, memberships, and offerings. Often, they seem hyper-targeted to fit your personal interests, preferences, and goals, and it’s exactly that depth of personalization that produces the attention and engagement they see from today’s audiences. There’s just one problem: most apps don’t think about what happens after consumers click on the ad. Where are they sent? What do they see? Are they engaging with what drew them to click in the first place?

The journey from Instagram and Facebook ad to your app is so critically important to your ad spend, conversion rate, and overall engagement strategy. Here’s why:

Modern Consumers Don’t See Channels, They See Experiences

Your departments, team leads, partners, and systems are all invisible to the average consumer. All they see is the end result: a brand experience that scales across platforms and channels. That means that a message from your brand, no matter where it appears, is the beginning of a 1:1 conversation between you and your consumer. If they’re interested, they’ll follow your journey wherever it leads them, hoping for the overall experience to unfold into something that is uniquely valuable to them. 

The Problem: A Lack of Consistency 

Seemingly unrelated or irrelevant experiences in the customer journey will lower conversions and result in serious drop-off. The current issue with many brands serving ads on Instagram and Facebook is that there isn’t any continuity from ad to app. Many of those clicking are asked to install the app, only to see a welcome screen that has nothing to do with what attracted them in the first place. And according to research from Adjust, the average app user only keeps a new app for 6 days before losing interest and uninstalling. Couple that with not being shown anything related to what first intrigued them, and you’re setting your app up for failure. 

The Solution: Ad-to-App Continuity

The key to reducing ad spend and generating lasting engagement is ad-to-app experience continuity. It’s the approach that’s resulted in an 11x increase in social media ad conversions for global enterprise brands. 

This is because every new brand experience needs to be better than the last to generate lasting results. This holds especially true in Facebook and Instagram ad-to-app experiences. If the experiences that follow ad engagement are deeply relevant in real time, you’ll lessen any chance of confusion or disinterest. Because if your ads are smart enough to be hyper targeted to the right audience, they ought to be smart enough to connect directly to in-app experiences that will intrigue users, incentivize them to continue in their journey, complete onboarding and new user activation, and ultimately make a purchase with your brand. 

The way it works in Swrve is simple. Our enterprise-grade, BI-level targeting and triggering allows brands to deliver pixel-perfect in-app experiences the instant a user clicks on one of your ads. Teams can then capitalize on opportunities brought in by Facebook and Instagram with in-app campaigns that are customized to fit their interests. These custom campaigns are triggered and served in milliseconds, ensuring that the customer journey never misses a beat. 

And you’ll never lose track of what first attracted a new customer: Facebook and Instagram ad sources become part of real-time, 360° user profiles compiled from data across Swrve SDKs. This source data combines with the 14 billion data points captured, processed, and segmented in real-time every single day in Swrve. 

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