It is easy to say that a solution is ‘for the enterprise’ - in fact anyone can do just that. In reality it is not so easy to deliver on that promise, and it takes a lot of careful work to provide the features and service levels that genuine enterprise organizations need. Swrve understands this, and we focus on delivering what actually matters to enterprise customers: reliability, scalability, process and security, to name a few.

This short blog takes a look at a few of the sometimes overlooked features and metrics that make all the difference to enterprise accounts. They’re not always the things that generate headlines or much excitement in the wider world - but for our enterprise clients they’re one more reason to choose Swrve.

Mission Critical Apps Need Mission Critical Uptime

A solution that you’ve invested your trust, time and budget in should work when you want it to: it’s worthless otherwise. For serious enterprise organizations, downtime isn’t an inconvenience, it has the potential to cost banks, telcos, major retailers, and pretty much any enterprise customer millions in lost revenue. That’s why we take uptime very seriously, as you can tell from this blog by our co-founder, Steven Collins. In the last year our uptime was 99.99%, thanks to the hard work of our operations and engineering team. Tellingly, we’re the only solution in the mobile marketing/customer interaction space who publishes this number.

Integrations - Being An Open Platform

Enterprises inevitably have a number of systems that they’ve either built or purchased, often at great expense. These systems do their job, and due to the investment put into them it is unlikely that enterprises will want to change or replace them. But to deliver truly effective cross-channel customer interactions, it is vital to connect these disparate systems so they can share data and give a clear view of the customer and your own business: and that principle applies equally to any new element of the stack. Swrve was designed to work with big-name existing tech in large enterprises, and so our integration delivery times are mercifully quick. We also work with customers to create custom connectors for any in-house systems that enterprises sometimes have, making us ready for any environment.

User Roles & Permissions

In enterprises, large teams share projects involving a range of roles with varying seniority. As a result, it’s really important to be able to control user roles and permissions in the dashboard, restricting or expanding access to features and information for individual users. As was recently demonstrated in the Hawaiian missile alert fiasco, a single employee has the potential to cause chaos. And whilst most enterprises aren’t capable of causing quite as much alarm, an innocent or not so innocent mistake by an employee can nonetheless do a lot of damage to your brand. That’s why customisable user roles are important. Swrve gives our customers the ability to define roles, with granular control over what activities and permissions each user has access to. That could mean, for example, separate permissions for editing and launching campaigns, enabling junior employees to create them for senior staff to launch. This can also be applied to hiding sensitive data (e.g. revenue) from employees who have no need to see it.

Scalability And Reach

Scale at enterprise level takes on a whole new meaning. The higher volume of users and the increased number of apps place greater demands on systems, which have to be managed accordingly. This is particularly the case during usage spikes, as experienced by retailers on Black Friday for example. It is critical to be able to really scale for such massive events, and not just leave a little bit of extra headroom that could easily be overwhelmed. Any downtime during these periods would be catastrophic for your business. Swrve was built to handle volume, and we do so on a daily basis - we process 12 billion events a day. And in addition to scalability, we help increase your brand’s reach. Swrve enables enterprise customers to bring new channels including Smart TV, web push and more to the marketing mix and give ever more opportunities to speak to ever more customers and prospects.

Trend reporting - subscription campaigns

Trend Reporting

In large companies with multiple teams all having a stake in mobile KPIs, it’s really important to be able to share key information quickly and easily up and down the ladder for those Monday morning reports or 9am meetings. Meetings take up enough time as it, so spending 45 minutes at the start of your day gathering data for reports really isn’t ideal. Worse still is having to tediously export many different campaigns and reports into a clunky spreadsheet. That’s why we’ve introduced Trend Reports, which automates this process for you. They give total flexibility around building reports and consolidating the reports that you need into a single page where you can quickly and easily flick between different user sets and metrics. All the information is there, so whoever it is for can decide what’s important to look at, rather than have the vendor dictate what’s included and what isn’t