The world is reeling in the wake of the spread of a pandemic. No country, community, or person has escaped the impact of this virus, either directly or indirectly, and the number one priority at this time should be keeping loved ones safe, healthy, and well.

Businesses global and local have suffered heavy losses in a matter of weeks, and we have seen a colossal shift in the way business operates during this pandemic. Whilst some sectors have been hit harder than others, it’s safe to say that no business is operating as usual at this time. Now more than ever, it is imperative that brands continue to communicate throughout the crisis. 

At Swrve, we have always seen the value and critical importance of brands being mobile-first with 1:1 communication. But in the midst of this pandemic, mobile technology has proven more important than ever—while it’s long been a major channel for real-time communication, mobile is now mission-critical for brands trying to reach their customers. Swrve empowers hundreds of brands to message billions of users around the world, and we’re seeing significant trends emerging in the way customers are engaging with brands, even in industries that are being deeply affected by the crisis.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen some truly wonderful mobile messaging that adds real value to customers during this incredibly difficult time. We wanted to highlight some of the incredible engagement strategies we’ve seen from brands, and outline exactly why they’re effective during this time.

KeyPoint Credit Union

From a financial services perspective, it's imperative your customers are privy to everything you're doing in their best interest. In this native, in-app message, KeyPoint Credit Union highlight their loan forgiveness program with informative, engaging communication.


Brainly, a worldwide homework and educational app is responding to worldwide lockdown and self-isolation with an offer for free membership for one month, complete with all features. This push direct to in-app message creates a seamless experience for the user, while the offer is sure to be popular amongst users.

Cox Communications

Cox Communications is utilizing Swrve’s push and conversations features to highlight service impacts for their customers who are spending more time at home than usual. By reminding users of the support services Cox has available, Cox reassures their customers that it’s there for them in this crisis.

Sling TV

SlingTV understands that people are home more often than usual, and as such, they’re offering free channels to help while away the hours on lockdown. They’re informing users when they open the app on their TV or streaming devices that they’re supporting users during these tough times.

Only by working together will we get through this challenging time. For the remainder of this crisis, and into the future, Swrve is dedicated to helping you stay connected with your customers with better, not more, customer engagements.

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