A lot changed in 2020, you don’t need this blog to tell you that.

Among the many (many) things that changed, was the speed at which businesses large and small adjusted to digital-first models to stay alive. The ecommerce industry took a giant leap in productivity and advanced 5 to 10 years, and online grocery orders doubled. According to Apptopia, mobile shopping across the board rose a colossal 66% during Q4 2020 (compared to the same period in 2019), and downloads also rose (by almost 17%) indicating that a large percentage of users were first-time users who turned to mobile apps to make purchases for the first time.

For retailers, mobile is sure to be the avenue to turn to again in 2021 with Covid restrictions still pressing pause on the return to “normal” life in many countries across the world. Engaging those first-time users from Q4, retaining them, and encouraging them to purchase again will be top of mind, and a smart customer experience strategy that responds contextually to users’ real-time in-app behaviors will do this. 

And far from replacing the value that bricks-and-mortar stores offer to customers on foot, a capable CX strategy should incorporate all revenue channels, and complement, not replace any one or the other. For example, brands can (and should) use mobile to elevate the in-store experience with smartly triggered, geo-targeted push notifications to increase footfall, and create seamless experiences that feel like a conversation, not a message. 

Now is the time for brands to step up and focus on creating customer experiences that are contextual and relevant to their users, and not just personalized by first name. In effect, what brands need to start doing is deliver interactions that are personalized to each and every user with images, personalized app experiences, and deep links to create customer experiences that are truly 1:1. 

At Swrve, we’ve seen customers in luxury retail generate $250,000 in one weekend using a campaign similar to what you see above. One personalized in-app message, one weekend, $250k.

To get a detailed roundup of best practices for mobile retail, check out this blog. Or if you’d like more information, feel free to reach out to our team here