Mobile is hot. Mobile is everywhere. To postulate that consumers have embraced mobile as their primary communications and computing device is analog to describing that Earth is round.

Given this massive transformation from desktop to mobile, why are marketers reluctant to adapt to this new reality? Why do companies invest in email and websites in the face of numbers that tell a different story? Only a few months ago, on Black Friday and through Cyber Monday, consumers everywhere began their digital journeys on a smartphone in numbers that surprised even the most experienced digital professionals.

The new rule: not only are today’s consumers comfortable doing their shopping and getting food deliveries through a mobile app, we are equally comfortable watching movies and TV episodes on the small screen as we are comfortable managing our money, booking and managing travel arrangements through our favorite mobile apps and, of course, reading the news, getting a coffee, ordering an Uber, or playing a mobile game.

We are now totally reliant on our smartphones; our digital assistants that have the ability to know exactly who we are and what we want, and offer useful services at a time when we need them. No other medium or technology has been able to offer anything like this before.

In a November 2016 report, independent research firm Forrester took stock of this new reality and presented a snapshot of today’s mobile landscape with profiles of the most important emerging solutions that enable digital marketers to engage and interact with the mobile customer in an entirely new fashion.

So what is the sweet spot for this new mobile interaction model?

In its profiles of mobile marketing platforms, Forrester took a close look at the Swrve Mobile Engagement platform and concluded that “Swrve falls directly into the sweet spot of mobile engagement automation, but with a twist — its specialty is in-app conversions.”

Conversion, not surprisingly, is the holy grail of marketing. The research firm points out that the Swrve platform dramatically boosts in-app conversions by anticipating what customers need in each mobile moment, using machine learning to deliver tailored mobile experiences. Specifically, Forrester rates Swrve a “powerful and easy-to-use tool for marketers” thanks to its multi-pronged, data-driven approach to engagement and use of real-time user behavior to optimize results.

Swrve’s Head of Product, Lisa Cleary, says,“The Swrve Platform powers up to 10 billion events a day on over two billion downloaded apps. Our strength is delivering personalized, impactful mobile experiences to users at scale, and we believe that the Forrester profile encapsulates that perfectly. As we close out the year with record-breaking mobile sales for the holiday season, businesses should be taking a critical look at their mobile strategies to remain competitive in 2017. We feel that Forrester's report emphasizes the need for usefulness and agility in mobile marketing, something many big companies still struggle with. We've worked hard to perfect a solution that bridges the gap between enterprises and modern consumers, and we'll keep evolving to support that goal.”

Additional highlights from the report:

  • “Customers expect relevance and immediate utility in their mobile moments. Yet superior customer engagement falls short today as companies rely on their traditional pre-planned, batch messaging strategy for mobile.”
  •  “Mobile moments have become the new battleground for firms to win, serve, and retain customers. In 2015, it is estimated that smartphone owners pick up or glance at their mobile phones 150 to 200 times each day, spending on average over two hours a day accessing apps and websites. With more than 280 million smartphones in the US in 2015 alone, that's conservatively 28 billion mobile moments each day.”
  • “Swrve provides strong in-app event tracking and analytics capabilities. It falls directly into the sweet spot or standard definition of mobile engagement automation, but with a twist—its specialty is in-app conversions. [Swrve] optimizes mobile engagement or campaigns to engage and then convert consumers.”

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