Technology has changed everything. From how we enjoy our leisure time (scrolling through social media or streaming new content), to how we get to work (choosing the fastest route via your favorite travel app), to how we buy new items (“is Prime available?”). The customer path to purchase for brands across industries has transformed and morphed to reflect new demands for immediacy and personalized value, and there’s only one true way to adapt: a modern path to purchase that delivers relevance to customers across journeys in real time.

For future-forward brands interested in seizing tomorrow’s market share, the time to act is now. Here’s what every global enterprise needs to consider:

  • The global app store is projected to grow 5x as fast as the overall global economy, with revenues reaching $120B in revenue in 2019. (App Annie)
  • 84% of consumers report that brand messages are irrelevant to them (Twilio)
  • The average app user only keeps a new app for 6 days before losing interest and uninstalling (Adjust)

These stats are telling us two things: there’s tremendous business opportunity in the app market, but the margin for error is high. The modern path to purchase calls for unprecedented speed and convenience across apps, email, the web, and other digital experiences, and so a strategic approach to meeting those needs is necessary. 

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