We’re grateful for our customers. 

Swrve users lead innovation and remove friction in marketing, consistently delivering next-gen customer experiences that set new bars for engagement across platforms. They’re never left guessing or wondering what’ll come next—instead they set new paths forward with reliable data, optimized campaigns, and real-time results. And they’re moving faster and with more precision than their industry peers. We’re inspired by them, and as you might’ve guessed, the feeling’s mutual.

The Swrve Marketer Advantage

Swrve customers have a competitive advantage that helps save time, resources, and expenses quarter after quarter. Our platform’s ability to inform, engage, and inspire action from individual customers at scale keeps them relevant in real time. This alone helps them execute on goals and deliver results in ways they never could before.

So can you smell what Swrve is cooking? Our customer successes are the reason we’re pushing harder, moving faster, and earning more wins than ever before. 

Okay, we’ll hush up. It’s time to tap our customers into the ring and see what they have to say:

Best friends. Swrve and I are best friends. I’m in Swrve every single day… I was here before Swrve, so I can attest to the fact that it has made the job much easier, easier in that I reach out to the customers and they reach back to me, and that's an opportunity that we didn't have before Swrve. So I'm happy for that.”

- Sathara Hendricks, Customer Engagement Manager at Digicel

“The insights we gain from Swrve's platform are a game changer for us. Being able to measure player behavior so objectively has allowed us to optimize many aspects of our live ops and to increase player engagement. Swrve empowers us to understand what our players want and deliver it to them with confidence.”

- Joel DeYoung, Director of Technology at Hothead Games

“At Uken, we're always trying to build our own solutions, but ultimately what it comes down to is whether or not you have the time, the resources, the management, the scale for something as already developed and as already polished as Swrve… We all learned how to use Swrve in about five minutes—it was very easy to use. If you have a smaller team or a larger team, being able to use something out-of-the-box, that is, already working for you and working for the customer, is paramount in making things more accessible for everyone.”

- Nick Van Vugt, Community Lead at Uken Games

Swrve has been an excellent tool that has allowed us to be in better contact with our users, keep them up-to-date with our news, and message them when they have not been present or have not used our app.”

- Katherine Aybar, CMO at Yapo.cl

“Buyers and sellers need to be able to trust that we’re the best platform suited for their needs. Being able to speak directly to users as individuals in 1:1 contextual messaging via Swrve has really helped us emphasize the value that we’re offering and keep our promotions deeply relevant in real time. That’s what’s really kept users engaged in the platform.”

- Collin Arnaud, Global Head of Customer Engagement at StubHub

In the past we were using various different technologies and vendors to essentially achieve all the things that Swrve does within a one SDK. Swrve allowed us to bring all that in house and create a unified experience and also help reduce our cost.”

- Tony Huidor, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology & General Manager of Digital Networks at Cinedigm

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