The Swrve Monetization Report 2019 is here, providing an in-depth study of player spending habits in freemium mobile games. It follows up to our famous 2014 and 2016 reports, and it’s safe to say that quite a lot has changed since then.

While you’re anxiously awaiting the full report, enjoy this infographic (click to enlarge).

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Swrve Monetization Report 2019 Infographic


2018 was the biggest year yet for mobile games, with an estimated $140 billion in revenue generated. That’s a lot of ads watched and in-app offers purchased. But to keep players spending in apps, it’s crucial to understand their habits. For instance: how many players actually spend? How much do they spend? How often? How does the value of purchases differ across deciles? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you monetize more effectively, and keep your game growing long into the future.

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