We're delighted to announce the availability of our first report into the mobile games industry, which is available for download right here.

It's a comprehensive look at 'a month in the life' of freemium games, revealing some interesting facts and some pertinent questions.

Were you aware, for example, that a mere 0.15% of players in any given month contribute over 50% of total revenues. For a game with MAU of 100,000, that's only 150 people. You could take them all out to dinner to say thanks! In addition to coverage of just who pays what, we also take a look at how varying SKUs contribute to revenue, how quickly (or slowly) new players get to a first purchase, and how many purchases, and at what value, are typically made in a month.

And we'll be following up in the near future with the same for February - so we can start to see trends emerge!