Swrve saw a lot of exciting change, progression, and innovation in 2019. 

Our team of experts traveled the world and made appearances at some of the industry’s leading events, we won awards and accepted high honors, and we delivered amazing success to our customers across industries. None of this would’ve been possible without our industry-leading, mobile-first, customer engagement platform—the only platform designed to generate real-time results by delivering powerful relevance with perfect timing across mobile, web, email, and OTT platforms. 

We’re continually refining Swrve to be faster, smarter, and more powerful for our customers. Here’s a quick recap of all the product releases that made Swrve shine even brighter in 2019:

Swrve’s Churn Propensity Score Feature

When it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new user than it does to retain an existing on, it makes a lot of sense to focus on reducing churn. With Swrve’s churn propensity feature, you can use AI to help you predict which customers are at risk of disappearing forever, and then take action to prevent that from happening. Each individual user is given a propensity score of 0-100 based on their app behavior, with 0 posing no risk of churn and 100 predicting churn with certainty. Personalized retention campaigns can then be automated, based on this churn score, to target those at risk, reduce churn, and increase the lifetime value of at-risk customers. Learn more.

Swrve Email

Email marketing is evolving. Today’s customers expect all email messages to be relevant to their specific needs and interests. Swrve’s suite of email capabilities helps brands meet these high expectations; our platform enriches email campaigns with user behavioral data from mobile at scale. For example, let’s say Kate has viewed the mortgage section of her bank’s app twice this week. With Swrve, her bank could send her an email explaining everything she needs to know about applying for a first-time mortgage. This kind of hyper-relevant communication keeps emails from being ignored and drives better engagement, deepening your customer relationships. Get details

Swrve and Oracle Responsys Connector

Marketing clouds, like Oracle Responsys, are a normal part of every enterprise marketing stack. Swrve’s marketing cloud connectors add the power of real-time relevance on mobile to your cloud offering. Our latest connector, for Oracle Responsys, syncs all Swrve data back to Oracle where all that valuable mobile data can be used to enrich and elevate multichannel campaigns. Also, Swrve push notifications and in-app messages can be deployed directly from the Responsys canvas, conveniently adding best-in-class mobile communication capabilities right to your marketing cloud. Learn more

With these releases, marketers saw customer engagement evolve in 2019. Churn propensity scoring, email, and our new marketing cloud connectors combined to create a true multichannel answer to the common challenges facing marketers every single day. In 2020, we’ll continue to elevate and advance the landscape, double down on what truly matters for the everyday marketer’s success, and redefine what’s possible for brands across industries. 

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