eMarketplaces are founded on principles of trust. Buyers expect to receive quality products, expert service, and competitive pricing. Sellers need to know that they’re in the right environment to make smart profits, build a strong client base, and invest in prime exposure. The right eMarketplace will provide all these things and more, but the key is to communicate this authenticity exactly where and when it matters most to buying and selling audiences.

This is where the beauty of real-time relevance comes in. Here are three key ways that eMarketplaces benefit from establishing a continuous and deeply relevant connection with their audiences using Swrve:

1. Stronger Onboarding Means Greater Retention

How many times have you logged into an eMarketplace just to scroll, explore, and never return again? It happens more often than you think. Often there’s not an incentive to learn more, explore key benefits, or scan time-sensitive promotions. But with real-time and relevant onboarding through Swrve, eMarketplaces have many ways to speak to buyers and sellers individually, and showcase value through rich, on-brand push in-app messages that detail exactly what every potential buyer or seller should know about your unique eMarketplace experience. Not to mention, these messages are delivered in real time, exactly when a user is engaging with the app. So what would’ve been a ten-second scroll before exiting has transformed into a true introduction to your app, complete with media-enriched slides and a thoughtful request to opt in to push messaging. A tenfold increase in opt-ins later, and you’ve opened the door to greater engagement, retention, and LTV down the line.

2. 1:1 Messaging Inspires More Activity

Sure, we all have apps that know our names. But having an app that understands your personal interests, preferences, and goals—that’s an app that’s going to stand out. Swrve allows eMarketplaces to learn and truly understand the motivations of buyers and sellers across channels with a full 360 view of every customer via the streaming of over 14 billion data points daily. This data-driven approach, paired with our enterprise-grade targeting and triggering, gives eMarketplaces the power to send deeply contextual push notifications, emails, in-app, and web messages that establish true 1:1 connections with buyers and sellers. So a push notification that would’ve previously said “Hi Mary! What are you selling today?” has evolved into a rich push notification that says “Hi Mary! 20 new buyers have signed up looking for a PS4 today. Want to promote your item to them?” That relevance will give Mary more of an incentive to open the app and purchase a new promotion package to promote her item to those users. Sound like a dream? See it in action.

3. A/B Tested Outcomes Chart the Path to More Revenue

So, a checkout page is just a checkout page, right? Wrong. UX and UI elements, content, messaging, journey flow, and more are all variables that can inspire the outcome of a potential sale. As subtle as the differences may be, Swrve customers have seen measurable lifts in engagement and revenue just by optimizing their paths to purchase with A/B tested campaign variables. Swrve gives eMarketplaces the freedom to test as many as 10 UX resource variants at a time to reveal different aspects of performance such as the number of opens and clicks, behaviors that followed, and revenue generated by each variant. Plus, you can take action quickly by optimizing your campaigns with winning results in real time for optimal returns. So whether it’s something as small as two CTAs vs. one, or something as large as deep linking to a cart or a similar item to the one purchased, can all be tested across audiences with Swrve.

But we’re just scratching the surface here. Our experts would love to talk about these benefits and the ways your eMarketplace app can grow using Swrve. Just drop in your details here, and we’ll get a call set up.