Increased conversions. Higher retention and engagement. Now you can perfectly time offers to drive immediate actions and achieve stunning increases in revenue and measurable business value.

Now more than ever, it’s critical for brands to connect with their customers in relevant, real-time ways. Seat upgrade offer lands in a customer’s phone minutes before takeoff. A chance to score epic gear reaches a gamer in the heat of battle. These are brands reaching their customers with the right offer, as soon as it becomes relevant.  The result? Increases in ARPUs, DAUs, Opt-Ins, and so much more.

Today’s customers have endless variety and choice. They hold the power to delete. To comment. To tweet. To share. To pin. To post. To like. To make or break your campaign with just a click or a swipe.

The accessibility of smartphones means that customers are always on, always available, and always mobile. Which means messages you send your customer better be compelling enough to make them stop and listen. This plus an ever growing array of channels, potential interactions, and touchpoints means segmenting audiences and personalizing communications is only half the battle. Brands need to be relevant in real time, and anticipate customers’ desires and needs.

Only Swrve is capable of capturing, processing, and segmenting data across apps, devices, channels, clouds, and enterprise systems to create these experiences and drive growth for your brand. With Swrve the next great brand movement will be delivered in real time, allowing you to shape and adjust, to react with only what is right and wanted. In real time.

This is the SWRVE you have been waiting for. 

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