Customer experience is everything. Experts agree that in our fast-moving digital landscape, where experiences are shared in milliseconds, customer experience defines a brand. What’s more, is that consumers are looking to mobile for these experiences.

On average, consumers check their mobile devices 150 times a day. This has made having a mobile app and communicating with customers on mobile an integral part of any customer experience. Future-forward brands are now enhancing their multichannel strategies with mobile interactions, delivering messages that are relevant on an individual level in real time. For them, mobile has quickly become a uniquely valuable doorway to engaging, retaining, and monetizing customers. 

Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing, provides a connector that enables a deep integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This integration helps global brands deliver sophisticated mobile interactions in real time. They complement and enhance existing capabilities in Salesforce with Swrve’s best-in class mobile marketing features.

How does it work?

Swrve shares everything your users are doing in the mobile app with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, giving you 360° insights that marketing, product, service, and ecommerce teams can use to create better customer experiences that are valuable to both brand and customer. Armed with these insights brands can engage users throughout the customer journey with native, deeply personal interactions that are intrinsically a part of the app experience.

Using a simple drag and drop functionality, Salesforce Marketing Cloud users can add mobile touches and mobile-first data to their omni-channel campaigns directly within Journey Builder—meaning it is possible to build multichannel, multitouch campaigns that extend to and beyond the mobile app.

To see how Swrve and Salesforce work together, take a look at the example in our video, filmed directly in the Swrve and Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboards.

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