Customer experiences don’t just belong to the marketing department. Service, sales, commerce and product all need to understand the impact a truly good customer experience can have on bottom lines—and on the other hand, the damage a bad experience can do: 

  • 94% of consumers who rate CX as “very good” or higher are more likely to purchase more products or services from that company in the future
  • According to PWC, 32% of customers will not return to a brand after a single bad experience 

Join Swrve, Shaw + Scott, and Digicel for a wine tasting and panel discussion discussing the use of mobile in a multichannel customer experience. You’ll get key insights to:

  • Anticipating customer need to deliver better customer experiences
  • Using real-time user properties to trigger and target messaging and content delivery
  • Delivering value across channels using mobile-first data

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Learn More About the Panelists

Melissa Shaw, CEO and Co-Founder of Shaw/Scott

A recognized industry leader in the digital marketing space, Melissa Shaw is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Shaw/Scott. Melissa is an accomplished multichannel digital strategist who has specialized in email marketing since the field’s inception. Known for the data-driven approach she takes to crafting customer-centric experiences, Melissa is a sought-after strategic consultant for top brands across many industries, from travel and finance to retail and nonprofit. Her clients have included Alaska Airlines, BMW, Costco, Wells Fargo, Chanel, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Before co-founding Shaw/Scott, Melissa served as the Director of Strategic Services for Oracle Responsys.

Lola Akinyinka, Director of Digital Products at Digicel

A digital leader, with extensive experience and successes across a range of strategic and operational roles, Lola’s proven expertise in digital strategy, product development and delivery has seen her through several promotions at Digicel. Previously, Lola served as Digital Programme Manager for Mobile Apps at Lloyds Banking Group, and Digital Consultant for Accenture, AND Digital, and Atos. 

George Donovan, Founder and CEO of Gogii Games

George Donovan serves as founder and majority owner of Gogii Games Corp—a development studio for interactive entertainment. Gogii Games builds casual games with over 100 titles developed, across 7 different platforms, and in 13 different languages. To date, Gogii Games has clocked 13 number 1 hits with games on the Google Play Store, Amazon’s App Store, the Windows and Windows Phone Store, and Big Fish Games’ Game Manager. Gogii has also sold and distributed games for PC/Mac Desktops, the Nintendo Wii and DS, XBOX 360, and inflight on Delta Airlines.

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