Research shows that over 25% of OTT video service subscribers have cancelled in the past year alone. This sobering state of affairs carries with it a dark cloud over overall growth, retention, and LTV for burgeoning startups and industry titans alike. The answer is obvious: prevent this at all costs. But in a world where we’re quite far from a shortage in providers, subscription plans, devices, or content experiences, it can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly will reduce an individual subscriber’s propensity to churn and deliver positive results at scale.

Services large and small are seeking the best approaches to acquire customers, design services, and increase retention. Yet several pitfalls exist that can short-circuit a company’s efforts before they can even fully get them off the ground, and quickly result in subscriber loss.

In the webinar, Avoiding OTT’s Top 5 Mistakes, Barry Nolan, Chief Strategy Officer at Swrve joins Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research at Parks Associates to tackle these issues and give OTT brands insights for better customer loyalty. The webinar identifies the top five mistakes that OTT providers can make when planning, designing, and deploying their services. They’ll discuss:

  • Lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful services
  • Key issues that many OTT services overlook
  • Potential obstacles that can inhibit growth
  • Understanding buying, churn, and viewing behaviors of today’s consumers
  • Ways to drive successful service growth

Nolan and Sappington are all set to explore lessons, trends, and strategies for increasing market share and LTV for OTT providers, with a specific look at subscriber behaviors and managing expectations associated with messaging, content, personalization, and more.

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