What difference can 30 minutes make to your business? Well, quite a lot really, since that’s the length of our webinar entitled Five Interactions That Drive Engagement In The Multi-Channel Media Landscape. This will be the first in our new series of webinars that look at how apps can be best used to boost key metrics across different verticals.

This first session will look at what it takes to build valuable, lasting relationships within the changing environment of media, publishing and entertainment, particularly with digital streaming and on-demand media being increasingly influential. Based on successful campaigns that Swrve have helped our customers deliver, we’ll break down every step of generating compelling interactions, from the theory behind why certain techniques are effective to showing you how to build audiences and communicate across devices.

For anyone involved in the media sector, this is an invaluable guide to succeeding in a complex and changing multichannel landscape, and even for those who are focused on other industries, there will be takeaways on targeting, conversion and engagement that apply to any app.

Join us for this session with Swrve VP of Marketing Tom Farrell. You can now access it on demand by following this link

If you have any questions that you’d particularly like to be covered in future webinars, let us know via email at marketing@swrve.com. We hope you can join us!

GIF of multi channel connectivity