In the Q4 crush if you missed last week’s webinar, Swrve was fortunate to have guest speaker Julie Ask, Vice President and Principal Analyst from Forrester, join us to explore how to evolve engagement strategies. The recorded session is available below:

Julie Ask has been focused on mobile for over a decade. In our webinar, she shared her excitement for the next phase of mobile engagement taking place. Her research shows that most brands (up to 83%) are at an intermediate or beginner phase in their mobile-first initiatives, and this matches up to where we find most of our clients when we engage with them. In the discussion, Ask outlined some key best practices to any engagement strategy, including: 

  • Make channels and technology choices last
  • Hire dedicated staff
  • Fund appropriately
  • Use agile processes to test and learn
  • Establish governance to start orchestration across channels
  • Utilize customer-centric metrics
  • Micro-segment and work towards small audiences
  • AI will have to do heavy lifting in the longer term
  • Adopt mobile messaging best practices.  

As CMOs lead their organizations to this next phase of innovation, they have the mandate of delivering immediate value. We discussed our approach of working with clients on forming a path to value and delivering this return; we’re starting with executive priorities, strategies, value metrics and the programs that will drive these results. So while our clients’ roadmaps might be ongoing, when we engage them we build a plan to deliver returns out of the gates. This can be as simple as focusing on onboarding, new user journeys, feature discover and more. As we evolve clients through the stages we look at additional data integrations, A/B testing, ad to app experiences, and more.  

The key takeaway was to adopt an agile testing approach and work your way to the results that drive your business. It was a very informative webinar, and I would encourage even a quick skim through the content to help you think about the best practices and approach you take within your organization.  

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