As the leading provider in real-time, relevant customer experiences, Swrve is delighted to be partnered with location-based marketing technology Bluedot, for the joint webinar: How to Unlock Real-time Relevance Everywhere.

Reaching your customers with hyper personalized messages, where and when it matters most to them, has become a given in today’s landscape. At least from the customer’s expectation or standpoint. 

The challenge for brands and marketers has grown from simple questions like ‘What offer is Mary most likely to click on?’ to ‘When, where, and on what channel is Mary most likely to engage with our brand?’. 

Addressing every granular aspect of customer behavior and location, and at the same time delivering the most relevant experience, requires advanced technology solutions. From driving traffic to brick and mortar stores for brands in retail, to increasing engagement in customer satisfaction surveys in travel apps, location-based marketing is really the next step in elevating your customers' experience by understanding their physical behavior.

Bluedot is one of those technologies. Bluedot knows when razor-thin virtual lines are crossed by customers, allowing marketers to trigger impactful, location-based customer interactions, when and where it will be most effective.

Swrve’s partnership with Bluedot brings a new level of relevance to the customer experience, and adds a personal dynamic that goes much deeper than {Hi first_name}.  Our partnership allows marketers to deliver highly accurate location-based campaigns to customers all over the world. 

Join us on our upcoming webinar, and learn: 

  • How brands across industries can deliver real-time relevance across time zones, platforms, and physical boundaries
  • How real-time relevance combined with the precision of location-based targeting accelerates growth, and in-store and in-app revenue
  • How marketers with significant investment in bricks-and-mortar stores can use geofencing to target customers based on proximity, real-time insights, and past behaviors

Register for the webinar here.