It's a hugely exciting time to be joining - and leading - a company like Swrve.

The mobile app is fast emerging as the channel of choice for the 21st century consumer. It's how we shop, how we hail a taxi, how we book a table or indeed find a restaurant in the first place. In fact recent data from comscore suggests that the mobile app now accounts for more internet traffic than the desktop browser. So let's scrap 'emerging': the mobile app is the primary channel for consumer brands already.

And if you want to succeed on that channel. You need to be building relationships with your customers (and potential customers). You need to deliver the best possible user experience, and targeted, relevant marketing campaigns. And you need to do all that in real-time and at scale.

Swrve is marketing automation for mobile apps. As our conventional understanding of 'e-commerce' becomes increasingly obsolete, it is platforms like Swrve that will control and evolve the consumer relationship. I've seen the technology in action, and it's already delivering huge value in this area.

The opportunity and the challenge are both almost infinite. That's why it is exciting to be on board. My aim is to continue to deliver the best possible service to our existing customer base whilst doubling down on spreading the Swrve message around the globe.

Should be quite a ride!