Swrve’s deep integration with Oracle Eloqua means that the entire marketing lifecycle is together in one place, with Swrve providing the missing piece of the puzzle: mobile parity with Eloqua’s industry leading solution.

The past decade has seen mobile become as important as email for customer interactions, and the truth is: if you aren’t communicating with customers effectively over mobile, then you aren’t communicating with your customers effectively.

The good news is Swrve enables best-in-class mobile marketing communications directly through Eloqua, bringing mobile push notifications, in-app messages, real-time behavioral tracking, and powerful analytics directly to your Marketing Cloud.

This includes integration right into the Eloqua Canvas, meaning push notifications and in-app messages, for native mobile apps, can be included in the orchestration of campaigns, allowing for true 1:1 multichannel customer journeys across channels and devices.

As well as this, Swrve’s bi-directional data connector means that any data collected from the mobile app can be fed into Eloqua and used in campaigns, in real time, giving you a 360° view of the customer, so that blind spots are a thing of the past. Swrve’s mobile analytics can also be used to improve accuracy of segments and targeting in Eloqua, based on what your users are doing inside their mobile app.

To find out more about our integration with Oracle Eloqua, please contact us here, or email partners@swrve.com, and we’ll be in touch shortly.