There’s no point pretending otherwise - there’s more than one mobile marketing automation vendor out there. So many of our prospects find themselves in a situation where they have to make a choice between rival suitors. And that’s OK. Most of the time we win anyway!

For many organizations, and particularly the larger enterprises that we work with, and that are becoming increasingly interested in the space as mobile adoption approaches 100%, that often means the creation of a ‘Request For Proposal’ - or RFP. Which in the unlikely event that some readers are not familiar with the term, essentially means a document shared with vendors that outlines the requirements for a proposed solution and asks key questions as to their capabilities.

Structuring The Mobile Marketing RFP

So far, so good. But this simply leads to the further question: “what do I put in this RFP?” Mobile marketing is an almost infinite subject, and it can be difficult to understand or appreciate exactly what is needed when starting from a blank slate. Any organization that has attempted to build such a system from scratch (not something we would recommend) will be familiar with ever-changing requirements and constant scope-creep. And that’s a problem.

Fortunately, we can help. Swrve have worked on large, sophisticated mobile marketing implementations for leading mobile organizations all over the world. And based on our experience, we’ve collected a few of the key questions you should be asking within this simple guide. It focuses on the the key areas you’ll need to cover within an RFP, and helps ensure you don’t miss anything when scoping out a project. We’re sure you’ll find it useful.

One final note: make sure to go beyond decision-making based solely on the answers to an RFP. If you can’t see a demo, chances are the capability being sold doesn’t truly exist, so make sure to drill down into the nitty gritty before making any final decisions!