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Smart Onboarding

Smart Onboarding

The SmartStart Onboarding program - for when you want to get off to the best possible start with Swrve.

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White Glove Onboarding

It’s simple. SmartStart Onboarding is a white-glove, high-touch program entirely focused on delivering a deeper and more valuable acceleration service. In other words, we’ll get you started in the best possible way and deliver the best possible results: quickly, efficiently, and in a way that gets you to value fast.

Kick-off Workshop

To kick things off we come to you for a 2 day onsite marketing workshop. We look at the customer’s current position from a mobile / multi-channel marketing perspective and then help define key use cases to implement together. As part of that process we can sketch out the customer lifecycle and work on the metrics we’ll use to measure success.

The Marketing Plan

When the workshop is concluded we’ll have a 12 week plan to execute against. Based on established playbooks focused on driving engagement and retention, we will guide users through setting up these campaigns and managing the lifecycle from onboarding to the measurement of customer satisfaction.

A/B Testing

Our Customer Success Team knows what works and what doesn’t, but we’re also ready and able to guide new customers through A/B testing programs that back-up decisions with real user data. We’ll help resolve key questions that the customer has around the best way to communicate and how best to build relationships with their users.

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If you'd like to speak to one of our mobile experts, let us know.