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Increase New User Acquisition with Swrve


First time user experiences (FTUE) can make or break a new app user’s relationship with your brand. Swrve helps brands nail every first impression with real-time relevance across platforms by aligning acquisition efforts (from a first touch via Facebook ad to first app open) and personalizing your onboarding to reflect relevant customer experiences.

The Problem: Fragmented Customer Experiences

Brands spend millions on highly targeted Facebook ads to get users to download their app, only to offer them generic onboarding experiences that fail to reflect why the new user clicked on the ad in the first place. As a result, new users lose interest, abandon the app, and acquisition spend gets wasted.

The Solution: Real-time Relevance Across Platforms

Swrve's unique ad-to-app campaigns connect every individual customer’s journey from Facebook ad to personalized onboarding in the app, unifying experiences across platforms and delivering greater relevance in real time. They are rendered instantly with on-brand, pixel-perfect precision. The result? Higher ROI on Facebook ad spend.

Maximize Your User Acquisition ROI

We’re in the era of real-time relevance. Facebook ad campaigns that deep link to content relevant to what was shown in the ad convert 11x better than those without deep linking.

Maximize Your User Acquisition ROI
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Increase Activation with Personalized, Multi-touch Onboarding

Deliver an onboarding flow that inspires action amongst new users. Swrve helps brands orchestrate multi-day messaging via push notifications, web push, email and more to create personalized touchpoints that reflect individual user interests indicated from their source of acquisition.

Track New User Acquisition by Source

Identify and track where each user was acquired, the cost of acquisition, and whether or not they convert to active, paying customers. This understanding reveals which channels are most valuable to your acquisition efforts, and which should be eliminated from your strategy.

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