Swrve for Product and Development

Real-time Relevance Designed for Speed and Agility

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One Platform. Billions of Possibilities.

Swrve processes over 14 billion data points daily to give those in product and development a unique, real-time advantage: sophisticated and responsive customer journeys that operate seamlessly across apps, platforms, and devices. There’s no need to elicit help from a BI or dev team—Swrve is designed to provide product teams with everything they need to meet customer needs and optimize individual experiences in real time.

Relevant Everywhere

Swrve is built to support messaging across mobile, web, email, and popular OTT platforms (Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, WebOS, and Tizen), ensuring brands deliver relevant experiences wherever and whenever their customers choose to interact with them.

Rapid time to Relevance

Full integrations with Salesforce, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Adobe, and other major marketing clouds and business platforms means complete maximization of existing data.

Relevance with scale

Swrve processes 14bn actions across 54m customers, in real-time, every single day so brands can confidently scale their communications across millions of customers simultaneously.

Enterprise-Grade Segmentation, Triggering, and Targeting

To deliver a great product experience, you need to know with certainty what customers want and have the ability to deliver on those needs with ease. Our suite of data-driven segmentation, triggering, and targeting tools are built to ensure that the right communications get to the right customer, no matter the size of your data set.

Enterprise-Grade Segmentation, Triggering, and Targeting


Process and segment individual customer interests, preferences, behaviors, and more. Use this constant stream of live data to refine targeting for factors like churn propensity, purchase history, and other relevant business variables.


Pre-set triggers that will respond to events happening in real time across channels, apps, devices, and locations. Create flexible geofences with 10x the accuracy of standard industry solutions and send location-based messaging for greater relevance in real-life situations.


Capture past interactions, actions happening in real time, and future behaviors through Swrve’s suite of AI and predictive analytics, and use them to act on new events as they occur live and in the moment with hyper-relevant messaging at optimal times of engagement.

Swrve was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant following Gartner’s independent evaluation of 15 digital mobile marketing platforms.
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Test, Measure,and Optimize in Real Time

With Swrve, it’s easy to tell what’s working and what’s not across campaigns. Product and development team members benefit from real-time performance assessments, along with an enterprise-grade set of testing and optimization tools that stay within reach.

Test, Measure,and Optimize in Real Time


Swrve’s A/B testing allows brands to test as many as 10 resource variants at a time to reveal new outcomes around engagement, behaviors that follow, and revenue generated by variant.


Our all-in-one platform includes AI that helps brands schedule and deliver messaging at optimal times of engagement,  optimize individual journeys, messaging frequencies, and UX and UI elements across devices.


The Swrve dashboard presents all campaigns in one centralized list view that can be filtered with ease. All relevant campaign measurement metrics (like overall engagement, A/B test results, clickthrough, and more) be easily seen and evaluated from this one convenient view.

We chose Swrve for their robust platform services including in-app notifications and alerts as well as in-depth analytics related to campaign performance. The Swrve platform has helped us learn a lot about our user base and their needs. We look forward to implementing more of the technology that Swrve offers including A/B testing, omni-channel campaigns with integrated email as well as support for set-top devices with their release of a Roku SDK. Tony Huidor, Vice President, Product & Operations, Cinedigm