Industry-Leading Reach and Relevance for eMarketplaces

Surprise Every Buyer and Delight Every Seller

Industry-Leading Reach and  Relevance for eMarketplaces

Increase User Activity with Enterprise-Grade Messaging Intelligence

This is the era of real-time relevance. eMarketplace customers are moving at the speed of now across mobile, web, email, and other channels, and Swrve helps global brands keep up by processing over 14 bn interactions across 54m customers and scaling communications in real time.

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Swrve & eMarketplaces

Inspire Customer Trust and Loyalty with Real-time Relevance eMarketplaces rely on Swrve to create personal, 1:1 relationships with app users that spark increases in revenue from transactional fees, listing fees, exclusive deals, coupons, and other relevant interactions and offerings.

We finally found an enterprise-class player capable of helping us create truly personalized experiences at scale and delivering the right message at the right moment of truth. Oliver Ropars, CMO at StubHub
Case Study Sold 8,000 More Ad Spaces and Increased Monthly Active Users with Swrve

The team used real-time relevance to increase ad space revenue, triple mobile engagement, and lift monthly active users.

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How To Best Communicate With Your Customers Outside Of Your App

About 90% of time spent on mobile is spent in apps.

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