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Swrve for Games

Swrve for Games

Take your mobile-first messaging to the next level, and turn players into payers

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Securing the Lead in Games

Swrve’s heritage in optimizing player experiences makes it the only platform games need to build compelling, hyper-relevant campaigns. Swrve’s Unity SDK, robust set of APIs, and processing power of over 14 billion interactions daily make it the unparalleled platform for games to scale relevant communications confidently over millions of players in real time.

Securing the Lead in Games
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Securing the Lead in Games
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Inspire First-time Gamers to be Premium Players

Maximize Retention and Spend

With Swrve, gaming publishers and studios optimize all aspects of their game through robust A/B testing capabilities, powered by real-time segmentation. Swrve helps determine the most effective FTUE flow for increasing new player conversion, and tests item price points and storefront layout to maximize spend.

Modernize the Path to Purchase

Swrve helps brands deliver intelligent, 1:1 interactions that are optimized in the moment with real-time precision, driving measurable increases in retention, LTV, ARPU, MAU, and more.

Predict and Prevent Player Churn

Use Swrve’s AI to engage and retain players at high risk of churn by deploying hyper-relevant, deeply personal campaigns that are targeted by the individual players’ propensity to churn.

Swrve and Playrix

"Swrve’s real-time behavioral analytics, dynamic segmentation, and localized personalization all operate simultaneously and at exceptional speed and scale. That alone has given our team the flexibility and agility needed to speak to players and take relevant action exactly when and where it counts for our bottom line."
- Maxim Kirilenko, Business Development Director at Playrix

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Optimize Onboarding to Keep Players Interested

Optimize Onboarding to Keep Players Interested

One of the gaming industry’s greatest challenges is that on average, Day 1 Retention* is just 34%. Increase Day 1 retention (and beyond) by ensuring the first five minutes are as compelling and effective as possible with A/B tested content and creative, as well as all aspects of the user interface, and user experience.

Turn Players into Payers Turn Players into Payers

Turn Players into Payers

It’s not good enough to simply assume that your game will naturally lead people to conversion. With Swrve you can deliver targeted, relevant campaigns, delivered via push notifications and in-app messages, that present players with clear motivations for spending their money.

Reduce Churn by Treating Users like VIPs

Reduce Churn by Treating Users like VIPs

With 60% of all the money games companies earn coming from just 0.15% of their players, it’s important that games treat that cohort as VIPs. With Swrve, segment and target this group with customized events and create a better, more elevated customer experience with personal, hyper-relevant campaigns.

Trusted by Your Favorite Games Studios

Blizzard, Nukebox Studios, EA Games, and Playrix are among the many leading global brands that partner with Swrve to identify, predict, and respond to the needs of each individual player in real time, delivering relevant messaging across games. 

Uken Games

“We can stay relevant with our players because we have the capabilities to be flexible and act with immediacy. Using Swrve has allowed us to go from idea phase to action extremely quickly when it comes to reaching out to our users. It’s a great tool for those who want to have a deeper level of control and user outreach in their mobile apps without the need for new builds or other complex methods.”

- Maggie McLean, Producer at Uken Games


Nukebox Studios

“Real-time relevance through Swrve has resulted in significant increases in revenue for our mobile game. The platform has boosted engagement amongst new and engaged users, while also re-engaging lapsed users with gameplay incentives that are personalized to fit their individual interests and patterns.”

- Amit Hardi, CEO at Nukebox Studios


Vivid Games

“Swrve has allowed us to connect with millions of players with smarter messaging and perfect timing. The real-time in-app messaging we send with Swrve doesn’t look or feel like marketing messaging—they’re rich and on-brand enough to be seen as another level of the overall player experience. This alone has created $2.3 million in upsell revenue and produced valuable lifts in app store ratings, which is very positive for our brand.”

- Jacek Kwiatkowski, Head of Analytics at Vivid Games

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