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Swrve for Telecom

Swrve for Telecom

Drive satisfaction with relevant, 1:1 interactions

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Expand Your Reach Across Channels

Global telecoms use Swrve to surprise and delight subscribers with rich, valuable brand experiences across mobile, email, web, and OTT. Swrve segments billions of subscriber actions in real time, daily, allowing teams to eliminate churn by delivering the right message to the right users exactly where and when it counts most.

Expand Your Reach Across Channels
Hey Barry—top up by $20 this month and enjoy unlimited data.
Expand Your Reach Across Channels
Time to top up! Your balance is below $1.
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Reach a Global Audience with Relevant, Individually Personalized Messaging

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By using Swrve to send campaigns supercharged with real-time behavioral data, you can increase customer retention, elevate LTV, and inspire long-term engagement—all while decreasing operational costs.

Encourage Subscription Upgrades

Encourage subscription upgrades, enrollment in online billing programs, and opt ins for mobile alerts with hyper targeted messaging sent at optimal times of engagement.

Monetize by Pinpointing Relevant Opportunities

Pinpoint unique opportunities for upsell and cross sell with Swrve’s real-time targeting and triggering criteria to encourage revenues from accessories, cloud storage options, and more, based on individual customer behaviors.

Swrve and Three UK

Customer experiences are core to our business. Swrve is giving us the ability to inform, engage, and assist customers at scale with 1:1 messaging in real time. This is a game changer for us, as more customers are opening our app more oen, our engagement is increasing, and we’ve enjoyed great achievements, including a 79% lift in revenue in a single quarter with Swrve.”
- Sam Robertson, Product Executive at Three UK

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Increase Customer LTV with Reach Across Channels

Increase Customer LTV with Reach Across Channels

By expanding their reach across channels telecom companies see increases in acquisition, retention, and customer lifetime value (LTV). By delivering hyper-relevant campaigns, brands can increase KPIs around plan activations, upsells, support call tickets, subscription upgrades, new promotions, awareness, ARPPU, and more quarter after quarter.

Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction

Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction benchmarks in telecom are among the lowest, with internet service providers and subscription television services scoring in the low 60s*. Global telecoms are using Swrve's interactive marketing campaigns to beat those benchmarks with hyper-personalized messaging, real-time alerts and updates, and hyper-relevant offers delivered in milliseconds.

Turn Everyday Subscribers into Loyal Advocates

Turn Everyday Subscribers into Loyal Advocates

Customer advocacy is key to driving acquisition and improving on cost per acquisition. Make it simple for your happiest customers to become brand advocates through online reviews, social sharing, and referrals to drive more customers to your brand.

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