Ad-to-App Experiences in Swrve

Connect Facebook and Instagram Ads to Your App with Real-time Relevance

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Lift Conversions and Reduce Advertising Spend with Facebook and Instagram Ad-to-App Continuity

An ad is only as strong as its relevance. Swrve connects to Facebook to heighten ad relevance after they’re clicked, leading users to hyper-relevant, pixel-perfect app experiences served in real time for perfect continuity across channels. This strategy alone has increased in-app conversions by 11x for a major global brand, in addition to driving onboarding completion, new user activation, retention, and continued app engagement.


We combine rich, real-time customer data with enterprise-grade triggering and targeting to help brands identify customer needs in real time, and deliver smart in-app messaging campaigns that meet and exceed those customer expectations.


An in-app messaging campaign delivered via Swrve can reflect and respond to what’s happening on Facebook and Instagram, on the web, over push, over email, and across other platforms and SDKs.


We integrate seamlessly with all major marketing and business platforms (including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Adobe, and more). This means your in-app campaigns will benefit from existing data across platforms and will be aligned with all other business objectives.

Deliver Relevance Across Experiences

Swrve is the secret ingredient in the Facebook and Instagram advertising experience. Our enterprise-grade, BI-level targeting and triggering allows brands to deliver pixel-perfect in-app experiences the instant a user clicks on an ad. This opens the door for teams to capitalize on opportunities brought in by Facebook and Instagram with campaigns customized to fit their interests.

Deliver Relevance Across Experiences


Pre-set triggers that will respond to events happening in real time across Facebook, Instagram, and other channels, apps, devices, and locations. Create targeted in-app messaging using predefined or custom templates and real-time native rendering (even when the user is offline). Personalize them to reflect and respond to individual interests, needs, and user experiences.


Orchestrate ad-to-app journeys based on individual behaviors, preferences, and goals. Use Swrve’s A/B testing tools to test as many as 10 resource variants at a time to reveal new outcomes around engagement, behaviors that follow, and revenue generated by variant.


Our all-in-one platform includes AI that helps teams schedule and deliver in-app messaging at optimal times of engagement, optimize individual in-app messages, messaging frequencies, and UX and UI elements across devices.

Swrve was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant following Gartner’s independent evaluation of 15 digital mobile marketing platforms.
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Keep New Users Coming Back to The App

According to research from Adjust, the average app user only keeps a new app for 6 days before losing interest and uninstalling. But that’s where ad-to-app continuity comes in: smart, timely Facebook and Instagram ads that connect directly to hyper-relevant in-app experiences will intrigue users, and incentivize them to continue in their onboarding, user activation, and overall journey with your brand. 

Keep New Users Coming Back to The App


You’ll never lose track of a new user. Facebook and Instagram ad sources become part of real-time, 360° user profiles compiled from data across Swrve SDKs. This source data combined with the 14 billion data points captured, processed, and segmented in real-time every single day in Swrve.


Deliver rich, multi-page onboarding flows to new, ad-triggered sources that capture valuable user permissions, preferences, and insights around specific app interests and goals. All information gained in these flows gets imported instantly into Swrve to add greater precision to segmentation and targeting across campaigns.


Ad-to-app continuity creates cohesive brand experiences that set the perfect foundation for new customer relationships. Results include smarter, more refined onboarding, increases in opt-ins for other channels like mobile push, and larger, more consistent in-app conversions over time.

Learn how NETGEAR used Swrve’s enterprise-grade triggering and targeting to increase campaign revenues by 320%.
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