BI-Level Precision Targeting and Triggering

Discover the Industry’s Richest Targeting and Triggering Criteria

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Intelligent. Efficient. Reliable.

Imagine having millions of rich and relevant data-points at your fingertips at the exact time of growth opportunity for your brand. Now imagine being able to act on that data with BI-level accuracy and precision instantly and with ease. It’s all possible with Swrve, the leading customer engagement solution for today’s most ambitious global brands.

Real-time Relevance-bi

Swrve combines rich, real-time customer data with enterprise-grade triggering and targeting to help brands identify, interpret, and act on the needs of individual mobile customers as they occur live and in the moment.

Relevant Everywhere

Swrve is built to support messaging across mobile, web, email, and popular OTT platforms (Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, WebOS, and Tizen), ensuring brands deliver relevant experiences wherever and whenever their customers choose to interact with them.

Rapid time to Relevance

Swrve integrates seamlessly with all major marketing and business platforms (including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Adobe, and more). We maximize the potential of existing data and systems to amplify your brand’s specific business objectives.

Meet and Exceed Expectations

Busy teams often lose precious time waiting for their business intelligence resources to help them take action on new campaign developments. Swrve is built to fully eliminate this issue with enterprise-grade targeting and triggering tools that operate in real time to deliver relevance at scale, increasing team efficiency and driving real-time successes.

Meet and Exceed Expectations


Swrve’s elegantly simple interface allows you to create relevant messaging and app experiences that respond in real-time to the behavior of customers, without having to rely on the help of BI or Dev teams.


Over 14 billion data points are processed daily to provide a real-time view of customer interactions, events, and data relevant to business outcomes. And unlike other engagement solutions that only allow you to act on surface-level insights, Swrve targets and triggers on granular details inside the event to further refine achieve greater relevance across campaigns.


Set triggers based on deeply relevant business variables, also known as payload values, like new and previous purchases, in-app search history, saved items, and more.

Deliver Real-time Relevance with Agility

Swrve gives you the ability to be agile without compromise. Your best campaigns will be launched without limits—no data silos, no irrelevant experiences, and no BI resources stalling the flow of next steps.

Deliver Real-time Relevance with Agility


Send intelligent, 1:1 interactions that are optimized in the moment through Swrve’s AI and real-time performance assessment, allowing you to increase conversions, ARPU, retention, LTV and more exactly when it matters most to your bottom line.


Use the data you’ve captured from external resources, including major marketing clouds and custom business systems, to trigger Swrve-supported messaging in real time. Our comprehensive integration framework is built to ensure the seamless and reliable flow of real-time data across existing platforms in your stack.


With Swrve, you have the ability to retain 3 years of data for each active customer without volume limits or surprise data fees. The depth and volume of insights that exist in Swrve result in true BI-level precision across campaigns.

Swrve was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant following Gartner’s independent evaluation of 15 digital mobile marketing platforms.
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Learn how NETGEAR used Swrve’s enterprise-grade triggering and targeting to increase campaign revenues by 320%.

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