Customer Data, Segmentation & Targeting

Drive Real-time Relevance at Scale with Dynamic Audiences and Campaigns

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Deliver, Adapt, and Respond with Greater Precision

Brands with millions of complex customer journeys worldwide rely on Swrve to drive results. Our platform is built to deploy the most relevant digital experiences that will allow brands to respond to the live behaviors of individual customers everywhere. With over 14 bn of customer data points processed daily, Swrve uses past, live, and predictive data to optimize every path to purchase and drive real-time relevance at scale.

Relevance with Scale

Swrve processes 14bn actions across 54m customers, in real-time, every single day so brands can confidently scale their communications across millions of customers simultaneously.

Relevant Everywhere

Swrve is built to support messaging across mobile, web, email, and popular OTT platforms (Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, WebOS, and Tizen), ensuring brands deliver relevant experiences wherever and whenever their customers choose to interact with them.

Rapid time to Relevance

Swrve integrates seamlessly with all major marketing and business platforms (including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Adobe, and more). We maximize the potential of existing data to support and amplify your brand’s specific business objectives.

Let Customers Orchestrate Themselves

No need to waste time building complex flow charts. With Swrve’s dynamic campaigns, you can simply set targeting and triggering criteria to determine what outcomes you’d like your messages to have, all while customer actions signal to Swrve the best and most valuable pathways for those messages to take in real time.

Let Customers Orchestrate Themselves


Use behavior histories and profile data from virtually any service or system to maximize the potential of that data and combine it with your mobile, web, and/or TV app SDK app data in Swrve. Gather and share first-party and third-party customer data across systems.


Use criteria to define dynamic audiences that are constantly being refreshed every few milliseconds. Scope the likely reach and success rates of your criteria with data-based audience estimates.


With Swrve, you have the ability to retain 3 years of data for each active customer without volume limits or surprise data fees.

BI-Level Targeting and Triggering for Real-time Relevance

Swrve holds the industry’s richest targeting criteria, allowing you to target better with BI-level precision in real time. In our platform, once you’ve set targeting based on granular detail around variables like individual interactions, purchase history, churn propensity, search frequency and more, your messages will send automatically, on any channel, whenever a customer meets your targeting and triggering conditions.

BI-Level Targeting and Triggering for Real-time Relevance


Unlike canvas-based tools, you don’t need to build formulas that guess which steps users will take in which order. And unlike other engagement solutions who see only the outer shell of a new event, Swrve targets and triggers on granular details inside the event to further refine achieve greater relevance across campaigns.


Swrve’s machine learning identifies the mathematical patterns in your customers’ behavioral data to determine the churn propensity of every customer. You can combine these churn scores with other behavioral and contextual criteria to drive more successful re-engagement strategies across campaigns.


Swrve’s elegantly simple interface allows you to create relevant messaging and app experiences that respond in real-time to the behavior of customers, without having to rely on BI or Dev teams.

Swrve was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant following Gartner’s independent evaluation of 15 digital mobile marketing platforms.
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Dynamic data importation and BI-level targeting helped NETGEAR lift revenues by 320%.

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