OTT Messaging in Swrve

Drive Real-time Relevance with a Presence Across Popular OTT Platforms

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Reach Media Viewers with Real-Time OTT Messaging

Top brands trust to Swrve to deliver real-time relevance wherever and whenever viewers spend time across channels—that includes OTT companies such as Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, WebOS, and Tizen screens. Swrve’s deep behavioral insights and real-time targeting successfully bring viewers to the content that they’re most likely to watch, save, and share with others.

Real-time Relevance

Swrve combines rich, real-time customer data with enterprise-grade triggering and targeting to help marketers identify, interpret, and act on the needs of individual customers as they occur live and in the moment.

Relevant Everywhere

Swrve is built to support messaging across mobile, web, email, and popular OTT platforms, ensuring brands deliver relevant experiences wherever and whenever their customers choose to interact with them.

Rapid time to Relevance

Swrve integrates seamlessly with all major marketing and business platforms (including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Adobe, and more), maximizing the potential of existing data and better aligning Swrve to your brand’s specific business objectives.

Target New, Existing, and Lapsing Viewers with Can’t-Resist Content

Businesses rely on Swrve to reduce acquisition costs and churn rates, and drive measurable increases in subscriptions, viewers, and active users. OTT messaging exists as a key driver for informing, exciting, and capturing the viewer interest that ultimately leads to larger audiences and stronger business outcomes. Here’s how it works:

Target New, Existing, and Lapsing Viewers with Can’t-Resist Content


Swrve captures past interactions, actions happening in real time, and future behaviors through Swrve’s suite of AI and predictive analytics, and uses them to deliver hyper-relevant OTT messaging in real time.


Swrve processes and segments individual customer interests, preferences, behaviors, user activity, and more, in real time. Use this constant stream of live data to refine OTT targeting for factors like churn propensity, watch history, subscription level, and other relevant business variables.


Schedule OTT messaging to work in tandem with other communications across channels. Benefit from live, self-updating audiences that dynamically shift and optimize customer journeys in Swrve, so the right OTT message will be sent to the right person, all the time.

Swrve was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant following Gartner’s independent evaluation of 15 digital mobile marketing platforms.
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Increase Ratings and Inspire Loyalty

When given the ability to understand and act on insights live and in the moment, Swrve customers can deliver dynamic, value-driven customer experiences across OTT platforms. These experiences include:

Increase Ratings and Inspire Loyalty


Use behavioral insights and preferences to send personalized OTT notifications about new and upcoming content relevant to individual viewers. Deliver these messages at any point during the OTT app experience.


Welcome new users to new experiences, inform them of new opportunities on the app, and inspire upgrades and more subscriptions in the process.


Send real-time updates on relevant content (like sports games that involve a user’s favorite team), deliver service alerts when it matters most, and send support messages if issues arise.

We look forward to implementing more of the technology that Swrve offers including A/B testing, omni-channel campaigns with integrated email as well as support for set-top devices with their release of a Roku SDK. Tony Huidor, Vice President, Product & Operations at Cinedigm