Real-time Mobile Experiences with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Swrve integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help brands personalize, optimize, and confidently scale their presence on mobile.

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Real-Time Relevance on Mobile

Swrve, the leading mobile engagement platform, is designed to maximize the potential of customer data in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver mobile experiences that pair perfectly with email and web campaigns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers use Swrve to unify customer experiences, and deliver real-time relevance to mobile via mobile push notifications, in-app messages, A/B testing, live behavioral tracking, and powerful analytics, all at enterprise scale.

Increase Engagement, Retention, and Revenue

Swrve expands on Salesforce's offering by bringing real-time relevance to mobile experiences. Our deep integration ensures that the full power of the Swrve platform can be used to help Marketing Cloud customers identify and act on the needs of individual mobile users in real time, significantly increasing mobile engagement rates, expanding channel reach, and unifying experiences across channels.

Maximum Flexibility and Ease-of-use

Swrve’s mobile and analytics capabilities are made available within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enabling brands to take action directly within Journey Builder; simply drag and drop Swrve triggers for push notifications and in-app messages into campaign scripts built in Journey Builder.

This means they can ensure customers are engaged with relevant messages, on the right channel, in real time. With Swrve embedded in the Salesforce environment, Marketing Cloud customers can create the most relevant digital experiences that respond to the real-time needs, interests, and behaviors of their customers.

Access to Mobile User Data Updated in Real Time

Swrve’s mobile analytics provide Salesforce users with data that increases the accuracy and impact of message segmentation, targeting, and delivery.

Our platform’s bidirectional data connectors and APIs process mobile insights in real time, giving a full 360° view of each user’s mobile behavior. This live, self-updating data is streamed into Salesforce Marketing Cloud to trigger hyper-personalized customer journeys across mobile, email, and web.

A luxury retailer was struggling to connect their data between web and mobile, causing a fractured customer experience. Find out how Swrve solved this problem and increased revenue by $1 million as a result. Case Study: How A Luxury Retailer Increased Revenue
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