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Enjoy Greater Efficiency with Real-time Relevance

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Chart the User Journey and Master Campaign Orchestration

Teams using Swrve deploy millions of messages a year. They rely on Swrve to make each message a unique and valuable customer experience, one that drives customer loyalty and inspires action across journeys. They need fast options, reliable tools, and customizable designs to make this happen, and that’s why they work with templates in Swrve.

Real-time Relevance

Swrve combines rich, real-time customer data with enterprise-grade triggering and targeting to help brands identify, interpret, and act on the needs of individual mobile customers as they occur in real time.

Relevant Everywhere

Swrve is built to support messaging across mobile, web, email, and popular OTT platforms (Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, WebOS, and Tizen), ensuring brands deliver relevant experiences wherever and whenever their customers choose to interact with them.

Return on Relevance

Swrve delivers intelligent, 1:1 interactions that are optimized in the moment through AI and real-time performance assessment, allowing brands the ability to increase conversions, ARPU, retention, LTV and more, exactly when it matters most to their bottom line.

Accelerate Campaign Building with Customizable Layouts

Swrve’s streamlined campaign workflow gives you several options to set up, customize, and finalize your campaigns. These simple, easy-to-manage template options serve as a foundation for faster, more efficient campaign setups.

Accelerate Campaign Building with Customizable Layouts


Swrve’s predefined messaging templates include a range of default images, text, and buttons. You can edit default content at any time, including removing or adding pages as needed, and customize pages using any combination of text, images, video, or survey questions, and save and re-purpose templates for future use.


Use campaign-specific templates to jumpstart new workflows with ease. These templates are designed to reflect common messaging scenarios, such as push opt-in, survey, promotion, announcement, video, 1- and 2-button in-app customization, and onboarding messages across channels.


Make emails your own in Swrve using any combination of our convenient, predefined templates and our easy-to-use HTML editor tools. You have several options for adding, editing, and customizing default content.

Swrve was recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant following Gartner’s independent evaluation of 15 digital mobile marketing platforms.
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Create Beautiful, On-Brand Experiences

Swrve gives you the power to scale beautiful, dynamic, true-to-brand messaging experiences across millions of customers worldwide. Here’s how it’s done:

Create Beautiful, On-Brand Experiences


It’s easy to incorporate your brand elements to messaging in Swrve. Simply upload your artwork into any predefined template. If visuals are within resolution parameters, Swrve will resize your artwork to fit whatever devices your messaging will appear on.


You can manage the appearance of your messages by customizing the style of individual elements like colors, font, text size, buttons, and more.


Enjoy a real-time preview of the content and layout of your messages. Know exactly how they’ll render across devices before you launch your campaigns through previews and test sends

Working with Swrve has been key to improving our core KPIs. The platform’s ease-of-use and ability to run push, in-app messages, an inbox, as well as A/B testing capabilities in a single place has helped us improve overall app engagement. George Jurgens, Lead Growth Manager at Hopster