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Optimize Customer Journeys for Repeat Conversions

Global brands use Swrve to track, test, and deploy customized onboarding from first use through to customer activation. With the ability to iterate and optimize in real time, brands can deliver relevance that inspires action during critical moments in every journey.

The Benefits of Optimizing Onboarding with Swrve

The Benefits of Optimizing Onboarding with Swrve
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Let data guide campaign orchestration

Swrve processes over 14bn customer interactions daily. This gives teams access to detailed analytics that show critical behaviors across channels. Swrve’s funnel analysis is built to record precisely where new users begin to lapse in engagement. Our cohort reports track retention over time, along with which experiences and acquisition sources are best for conversions. Acquisition reports track which channels and campaigns have the best ROI.

Deliver Dynamic First-Time User Experiences (FTUE) in Real Time

Instead of wasting time and resources hard coding first-time user experiences into your app, modify them dynamically with Swrve. Our platform gives teams the freedom to edit, test, and optimize FTUEs in minutes.


As a result, brands can deliver the best possible welcome to their brand in real time—resulting in improved retention and LTV.

Earn Permissions and Increase Opt-Ins

You can’t deploy engagement campaigns without first establishing a connection with new customers. Swrve gives brands the ability to serve prompts that display the value in continued engagement, and send benefit-driven messages that increase opt-in rates for push notifications, web push, email and more.

Educate New Users on Your App Experience

The best time to onboard and activate new users is during their first exploration of your app. Use Swrve to send contextual in-app tip overlays and feature discovery messages to deepen user engagement with your product or service. Customize and test the creative elements and timing of your contextual messaging.

Optimize Onboarding with Enterprise-Grade Targeting

Keep communicating with new users until they are fully onboarded and activated.

Orchestrate multi-day campaigns across channels via push notifications, in-app campaigns, web push, SMS, email, and more. Target and trigger campaigns based on the unique behavioral profile of each user.

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