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Boost Customer Satisfaction and Service with Superior Experiences


Relevance is the new currency in today’s experience economy. Whether it’s delivering operational messaging with unique and exceptional service, or sending surveys to check in on individual satisfaction, Swrve is built to help teams meet and exceed customer expectations everywhere, at all times.

Transform customer experiences

Swrve’s APIs, pre-built connectors, and flexible integration framework make it easy for enterprise operational systems to integrate with Swrve and send LTV-driven operational messaging.


Global airlines use Swrve to deliver flight updates, gate changes, and travel alerts. Banks send balance updates and account alerts. Those in telecommunications send plan updates and subscription changes. In each case, Swrve-supported operational messaging delivers real-time relevance to customers exactly when they need it most.

Track customer satisfaction across channels

Checking in with customers and tracking their satisfaction is core to every business. And today’s complex, multichannel customer journey makes keeping track of satisfaction more difficult than ever before. With Swrve’s constant processing of billions of data points in real time, teams can track customer satisfaction seamlessly across channels, including mobile apps, SMS, web apps, email, and OTT video streaming apps on Apple TV, Android TV, and Roku.

Identify customer happiness exactly when it matters most

A major flaw with most customer satisfaction surveys is that they arrive by email, days or weeks after an event. As a result, only a tiny fraction of people ever respond.


To transform response rates, Swrve allows you to track and confidently act on satisfaction wherever and whenever a customer interacts with your brand in real time. This means:

  • If a viewer uses a new feature in a TV video streaming app for the first time, you can get their feedback live and in the moment of engagement
  • The minute a flight lands, you can ask passengers to rate their flight
  • When a customer exits a physical store or branch, you can send a message asking about their experience

Improve your brand’s App Store ratings

App store ratings have a direct impact on acquisition rates. Poorly-rated apps may be ignores, while 5-star experiences invite more downloads, opens, and long-term engagement. Here’s how our customers use Swrve to increase their positive ratings:


  • Segmenting the most engaged users and targeting them with messaging requesting a review (i.e., people who've used the app over five times)
  • Sending in-app messages the optimal time of engagement (determined by Swrve’s powerful AI) that inquires how users are enjoying the app
  • Inviting positive responders to leave an App Store review, and continuing to survey negative responders to surface issues.

The Results

Real-time relevance sent via the right channel at the right time advances customer experiences.

  • A Swrve-supported customer satisfaction survey boasts a 75% completion rate (compared to the average response rate of under 1% via email). 
  • App store rating campaigns delivered through Swrve result double star ratings in a matter of weeks. Learn more about our partnership with Cinedigm, the media and entertainment app that used Swrve to lift their Google Play Store rating from 2.5 stars to 4.1 stars.

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