StubHub Keeps a Quarter Million Customers Engaged and Informed with Real-time Relevance

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About StubHub

The StubHub mission is simple: help fans find fun. Connecting fans with their favorite teams, shows and artists and introduce them to the ones they’ll love next. As the largest ticket marketplace in the world, StubHub enables fans to buy and sell tickets to tens of thousands of events, whenever they want, through desktop and mobile experiences, including StubHub apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android.


StubHub needed a way to deliver better, not more, touches across channels for optimal return. It’s critical for their team to keep a pulse on the behaviors and interests of buyers and sellers in over 40 markets, and deliver experiences that will move the needle for them in real time.

To achieve this, StubHub needed a real-time mobile marketing solution that could integrate with Salesforce. By implementing a solution that could process and segment billions of customer actions in milliseconds, StubHub could finally scale 1:1 communications across millions, act with confidence in real time, and optimize revenue-driven campaigns.

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Swrve’s enterprise-grade triggering and targeting work to create dynamic user journeys that deeply refine the accuracy and precision of relevant messaging at scale. Our A/B testing allows teams to test as many as 99 UX resource variants at a time to reveal different aspects of performance such as the number of opens and clicks, behaviors that followed, and revenue generated by each variant.

These features allow StubHub to scale hyper-targeted, deeply relevant, A/B tested campaigns with perfect timing, increasing awareness and engagement for valuable increases in revenue and campaign performance. 


The Results

With Swrve, StubHub has generated exciting return on relevance with hyper targeted, revenue-driven campaigns. Their use of Swrve’s triggering, targeting, and engaging the right users with perfect timing has produced amazing lifts in revenue and engagement. StubHub and Swrve successes include:

  • Over 15,000 purchases made within 24 hours of Swrve-led in-app engagement 
  • A quarter million StubHub customers engaged, informed, and delighted by real-time relevance
  • Exciting increases in engagement, campaign awareness, buyer interest, and more