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Movember chose Swrve to help advance the reach and relevance of their fundraising messaging across devices worldwide.

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About The Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is dedicated to reducing the number of men dying prematurely at the hands of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, suicide, and other preventable illnesses. Founded by Travis Garone and Luke Slattery in 2003, this global non-profit has since earned the support of 5 million “Mo Bros and Mo Sistas ” worldwide.

The Goal

Movember’s goal for 2018 was to increase their fundraising from 2017 by over 15%. With Movember being the busiest and most lucrative 30 days of their calendar year, they needed solutions they could trust to help them reach their hefty target and engage their community of fundraisers.

The Problem

In order to reach their 2018 goals, the Movember team realized that it was imperative to begin engaging with their mobile audience, in addition to their email and web subscriber base. Their team also realized that a new multichannel engagement strategy would only work if their chosen solution could integrate easily with existing tools.

The Solution

Movember needed an AI-enabled customer messaging platform that could seamlessly integrate with Oracle Eloqua, and help them intelligently create and send mobile messaging that could complement their email campaigns and reflect the actions their customers were taking in real time. Enter, Swrve.

Connecting Messaging Experiences with Swrve

Movember used Swrve’s seamless integration with Eloqua to weave smart, Swrve-enabled messaging into existing customer journeys, stream and act on user data in real time, and connect push and in-app messaging with subscriber activity across email, mobile, and web. This method resulted in massive gains in subscriber engagement, revenue across markets, and more.

The Results

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Movember team had to say about working with Swrve:

“We saw fantastic results using the Eloqua integration, enabling us to combine push notifications into our existing supporter journey and include both iOS and Android app users.”

“...higher push notification engagement rates than ever before…”

“One of the best marketing tech vendors I’ve ever worked with.”