ThreeUK Scales Revenue-Driven Messaging with Real-time Relevance

Three UK relies on Swrve to modernize the path to purchase across customer journeys.

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About Three UK

Three launched in 2003 as the UK’s first 3G only network, laying its foundations as the network that was born to be different. Today Three is a connectivity company that connects people to people, people to things and things to things and has more than 10 million customers. An average Three customer uses 3.5 times more mobile data than the industry average and its network today covers 99% of the UK population.


Three UK needed a way to generate awareness and engagement around new products and offers. To break barriers and reach new heights in their campaigns, it was imperative for their team to adopt a real-time, next-generation approach to messaging. 

To achieve their goals, Three UK would need smarter, more precise targeting, more accurate send-time delivery, and more cohesive customer journeys across channels. By implementing a solution that could process and segment billions of customer actions in milliseconds, Three UK could finally elevate and scale hyper relevant campaigns across channels with perfect timing, in real time. 



Swrve’s enterprise-grade triggering and targeting work to create dynamic user journeys that deeply refine the accuracy and precision of relevant messaging at scale. Swrve’s mobile push-to-in-app message capability also allows brands to build cohesive customer journeys that are as relevant as they are valuable. This experience continuity accelerates the path to purchase, leading to more conversions down the line. 

These features allow Three UK to scale hyper-targeted, deeply relevant, revenue-driven campaigns with perfect timing, increasing awareness and engagement for valuable increases in revenue and campaign performance. 

Case Study

The Results

With Swrve, Three UK has successfully modernized their path to purchase across channels. Their use of Swrve’s targeting, triggering, and engaging the right users with perfect timing has helped them meet KPIs and drive exciting growth and revenue. Three UK and Swrve successes include:

  • 79% increase in revenue in a single quarter using real-time relevance
  • 47% increase in the average Three UK user’s time spent in-app 
  • Significant uplifts in add-ons sold, onboarding completion, monthly active users, and more