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Live streaming of sports events by OTT providers offers both challenges and opportunities for marketers.
Industry Thoughts

The State Of Play With OTT Sports Streaming

by Kate Hawkes
60 Billion Dollar App Industry
Industry Thoughts

The $60 Billion App Industry

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the trumpets sounding, seen the firework displays, and felt the thundering of a...

Ross Hamer 18 January 2018
Old fashioned attitudes can hold back marketing progress as much as old fashioned tech

Why Marketing In 2018 Is About Attitudes - Not Just Tech

At Swrve we’re never shy about promoting great articles we come across during the working day. Particularly if they...

Tom Farrell 18 January 2018
To communicate with your app users, marketers first need to listen.
Industry Thoughts

Why Listen-First Marketing Matters In 2018

It’s easy to get excited about the ability to communicate. That’s why many marketers - or whoever is tasked with...

Tom Farrell 15 January 2018

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Swrve partners with Segment

Swrve Team Up With Segment!

We all know that data is where it’s at these days. Without it, you’re nothing. With it - you’ve got a...

Tom Farrell 11 January 2018
Deep links create a seamless customer journey

Deep Links - The Small Thing That Can Make A Big Difference

Smartphones are the ultimate instrument of distraction. I’m definitely not the only one who picks up their phone with...

Ross Hamer 11 January 2018
Identify pressure points where users might leave your app

The Pressure Points Where You Could Be Losing Users

So, you’ve got yourself a new user. Congratulations! In an app market more competitive than most major sporting...

Kate Hawkes 11 January 2018
Intent engine examples - media

The Swrve Intent Engine: Three Media Case Studies

Continuing our occasional series on the use cases that show the sophistication of our Intent Targeting Engine in action, I...

Tom Farrell 10 January 2018
Using customer insights to target your marketing increases engagement.

The Power of Customer Insights

Big data is big news, and it’s getting even bigger. The vast amount of data now available relating to user behaviours,...

Kate Hawkes 08 January 2018
In Case You Missed It: Silent Push

In Case You Missed It: Silent Push

Sometimes it is not necessary to inform someone that you’ve done something useful. Say, for instance, your housemate...

Ross Hamer 05 January 2018

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