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Is using customer data for personalization creepy?

Are Relevant, Personal Interactions ‘Creepy’ Or Just Good Business?

How ‘creepy’ is too creepy? For many marketers the challenge isn’t so much around getting our hands on...

Tom Farrell 05 February 2018
Our content summary of marketing news for January

Swrve Mobile Marketing Digest - January

The new year is stretching out before us, the predictions for the next 12 months are rolling in, and there is no shortage of...

Kate Hawkes 31 January 2018
Luxury retailers can use an omnichannel approach
Industry Thoughts

Luxury On Mobile - And Other Emerging Channels

If there’s one industry that you might expect to struggle on emerging channels such as mobile, it is luxury retail....

Tom Farrell 30 January 2018
Real world examples of onboarding best practice

4 Real-World Examples Of Great Onboarding

Stepping into a new place for the first time can be intimidating - how do you know what to expect or where to go? The same...

Kate Hawkes 29 January 2018
The Art Of Audience Building
Industry Thoughts

The Art Of Audience Building

Targeting is important; it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. Whatever it is you are aiming for, the...

Ross Hamer 26 January 2018
Intent targeting examples for finance apps

Audience Building In Finance With The Swrve Intent Engine

Welcome to the third in an unofficial series highlighting practical ways in which Swrve’s Intent Engine can be used to...

Tom Farrell 24 January 2018

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