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In app messaging drives in store revenue for retail

Swrve Research Confirms That In-App Experiences Drive In-Store Revenue For Retail

Effectively bridging online and offline retail experiences to suit multichannel consumer patterns Online shopping is...

Aaron Dolan 28 March 2018
Guest post retargeting users

Guest Post: A Quick Guide To App Retargeting

This guest post is written by James Haslam from Adjust. Find out more at Mobile advertising is...

James Haslam 27 March 2018
Intent engine use cases telco

What Swrve Intent Targeting Means For Telco Apps

Here it is at last - part 4 of our occasional series in which we show exactly how Swrve’s Intent Engine can be used to...

Tom Farrell 22 March 2018
Recommending apps to friends brings benefits for users and businesses

Switch Up Your Acquisition Strategy With Friend Referrals

I’m going to assume that your business is probably spending more money on acquiring new users for its app than...

Aaron Dolan 22 March 2018
Digital assistants and the mobile industry
Industry Thoughts

Digital Assistants Are Here - Is Your Business Ready?

‘Alexa, where are my shoes?’, ‘Alexa, what did I have for breakfast?’, ‘Alexa, can you tell...

Aaron Dolan 15 March 2018
Encouraging The Use Of New & Underused Features In Banking Apps

Encouraging The Use Of New & Underused Features In Banking Apps

The file labeled ‘Unused Product Features’ is, sadly, one of the larger ones in the file cabinet, bursting at...

Ross Hamer 14 March 2018

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