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The April 2014 New Players Report

The April 2014 New Players Report

In our latest report, we present retention and spending patterns derived from data on the first 90 days of life of free...

Tom Farrell 10 April 2014
Industry Thoughts

More A/B Testing In Action at Zeebox

Like me you're probably convinced that 'pop out' side menus on mobile are the way to go. Could there be a better...

Tom Farrell 09 April 2014

Swrve Release 66 is live!

This new release makes it easier than ever before to add apps to the Swrve ecosystem, and delivers further improvements to t...

Lucy O'Dwyer 01 April 2014
5 Ways To Figure Out What To A/B Test
Industry Thoughts

5 Ways To Figure Out What To A/B Test

Most of us working in the digital world are already more than familiar with the benefits of A/B testing. Time after time, we...

Tom Farrell 30 March 2014
Industry Thoughts

The Time Critical Nature Of Second Purchases

Most of us are aware of the importance and significance of a first purchase in mobile apps. That transition from 'non pa...

Tom Farrell 20 March 2014

Real-Time Swrve: What It Is, And Why It Matters

Time matters in the world of mobile apps. For one, you can't assume that any new user will be around for long. Mobile ap...

Tom Farrell 17 March 2014

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