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Four Implications of the Changing Economics of the Games Industry

The changing economics of the games industry have certainly given many of us food for thought over the past few years. It...

Tom Farrell 05 July 2013
Industry Thoughts

Why A/B Testing and Creativity Go Hand in Hand

We're not going to pretend otherwise - it's always nice to get a namecheck! And this one from Eric Seufert is...

Tom Farrell 11 June 2013
Industry Thoughts

The Time is Right…

I've been thinking a little more about the subject of in-app marketing. Last time we talked about why targeting mattered...

Tom Farrell 10 June 2013

5 Things to A/B Test in Your App - a Swrve Webinar

A/B testing is a great way to deliver awesome user experiences - and enjoy increased in-app revenues as a result. But where...

Tom Farrell 30 May 2013
Industry Thoughts

In-App Messages - Why You Need Targeting

When your users are no longer your customers, you have to make a few mental adjustments. First and foremost - an install is...

Tom Farrell 28 May 2013

Building In-App Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Revenue - a Swrve Webinar

Getting users to download your app or game is only the start. What really counts is getting them over the line: converting...

Tom Farrell 21 May 2013

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