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Mobile dominates the way we interact with the world - be ready!
Industry Thoughts

What Skills Do I Need For A Mobile First World?

To every time there is a purpose, and in a similar way of looking at things there isn’t a huge market for plague...

Tom Farrell 04 January 2018
OTT TV and media streaming services are displacing traditional cable TV

Why OTT Is Worth Watching In 2018

In October 2017, advertising via over-the-top media accounted for 26% of total video ad spend, according to a report by...

Kate Hawkes 03 January 2018
Power users are key to app success

How To Cherish And Learn From Your Power Users For App Success

Call them ‘power users’, call them ‘VIP’s, or call them ‘whales’, the fact is that a...

Kate Hawkes 27 December 2017
2018 - The Year To Pour On The Rocket Fuel
Industry Thoughts

2018 - The Year To Pour On The Rocket Fuel

Everybody has been talking about the rise of AI for what feels like forever. 2016 is going to be THE year of AI. 2017 is...

Ross Hamer 22 December 2017
Intent targeting for the airline industry

What Swrve Intent Targeting Means For The Airline And Travel Industry

Sometimes it can be hard to separate hype from reality. And, let’s be honest, the software industry doesn’t have...

Tom Farrell 21 December 2017
How to get the green light when requesting permissions.

Why Trust Matters For App Permissions

A recent study by Accenture has highlighted what most of us already know all too well - app users want the best of both...

Kate Hawkes 20 December 2017

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