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5 Things to A/B Test in Your App - a Swrve Webinar

A/B testing is a great way to deliver awesome user experiences - and enjoy increased in-app revenues as a result. But where ...

Tom Farrell 30 May 2013
Industry Thoughts

In-App Messages - Why You Need Targeting

When your users are no longer your customers, you have to make a few mental adjustments. First and foremost - an install is ...

Tom Farrell 28 May 2013

Building In-App Marketing Campaigns for Maximum Revenue - a Swrve Webinar

Getting users to download your app or game is only the start. What really counts is getting them over the line: converting ...

Tom Farrell 21 May 2013

Awesome UX for Awesome Revenues - a Swrve Webinar

User experience has a direct impact on your bottom line. That's why in the online world billions of dollars a year are ...

Tom Farrell 18 May 2013
Industry Thoughts

Top 10 Tips For Mobile App Optimization Through A/B Testing

For those who missed it, Swrve CTO Steve Collins' presentation from Casual Connect Hamburg. Loads of awesome advice for ...

Tom Farrell 17 May 2013
Industry Thoughts

What's Good About F2P Games

We enjoyed this great article on the merits of F2P by Lee Perry over at Gamasutra. The freemium world comes i...

Tom Farrell 14 May 2013

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