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Measuring mobile marketing maturity quiz

Measuring Mobile Marketing Maturity: An Interactive Quiz!

The smartphone has been with us for 10 years, give or take the odd month here or there. That development was a decisive...

Tom Farrell 15 December 2017
Knowing the psychological principles that guide users helps improve app performance
Industry Thoughts

The Psychology Behind Successful Apps

Wouldn’t it be great if we understood why humans do the things we do? We are a decidedly unpredictable bunch, and most...

Aaron Dolan 14 December 2017
Intent targeting engine creates hyper-specific audience segments

Intent Targeting: The Future Of Segmentation

Swrve is delighted to announce the availability of our Intent Engine. Using the Intent Engine, it is now possible to build...

Aaron Dolan 13 December 2017
Push notifications are an effective way of sharing news alerts

Push Notification And News Alert Trends In 2017

A short post today to highlight the fascinating insights recently published by NiemanLab relating to the changing ways in...

Tom Farrell 11 December 2017
Customer Loyalty On Mobile
Industry Thoughts

How To Drive Customer Loyalty On Mobile

Customer loyalty is a funny thing, isn’t it? I remember when I was a kid I would only drink one brand of milk,...

Ross Hamer 08 December 2017
2018 mobile marketing predictions
Industry Thoughts

7 Mobile Marketing Trends For 2018

Since the vast majority of us wouldn’t claim to be psychic, predicting which elements of mobile marketing are going to...

Aaron Dolan 08 December 2017

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