Asking For An App Store Review

We understand that it is hard working in mobile - there are so many jobs that you need to get done for your app to be a success. That’s why we’ve come up with Blueprints, to help you solve individual jobs by sharing the experiences we’ve gained over the years working with mobile leaders. This Blueprint takes a look at 'How To Ask Users For An App Store Review'.

Your App Store rating has a significant influence on new user acquisition. Better ratings drive better rankings, and users are significantly less likely to download your app if the ranking is low.

Therefore, improving your rating should be high on your priority list. Thankfully it is usually just a simple case of asking the right people to rate your app - and asking them at the right time. 

However, like a lot of simple things, it is easy to get wrong. This Blueprint will help you figure out how to do this best without blowing your chance too soon, or annoying your user. 


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