Key Strategies Discussed at CMO Digital Insight Summit 2019

Our mobile marketing and customer engagement experts had a great time trading insights and contact information at recent CMO Digital Insight Summit events. They connected with senior leaders and decision makers to discuss the challenges every team is facing in today’s customer experience economy: how to advance brand relevance, drive growth, and seize tomorrow’s market share. 

Here are the four key themes that were discussed at the summit, along with key strategies our experts shared to help CMOs at global brands stay ahead of the curve:

On Creating a Customer-Centric Culture  

In today’s experience economy, you’re only as good as your last interaction with your customer. That means every single encounter with a customer, whether it be sending a simple service message or delivering a personalized promotion, needs to offer them value that they can accept and appreciate on their terms. Developing a customer-centric culture is key to making sure your brand is can pull this off.

By giving a team the tools it needs to scale 1:1 communications confidently and deliver hyper-personalized engagement exactly where it will have the most impact, they can meet today’s customer needs for immediacy. By giving a team the tools it takes to use past, present, real-time, and predictive insights to better inform and optimize this engagement in real time, they can exceed expectations around relevance and customer value. With tools like this in Swrve, teams can truly build and execute a customer-centric approach to satisfaction and success. 

On Building A Community: The Future Digital Consumer

We’ve all looked at Yelp before going into a restaurant. We’ve all looked at testimonials when exploring a new car, beauty, home, or medical service. Word-of-mouth is powerful. So powerful that, according to Adweek, 76% of individuals surveyed say they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content shared by brands. Research from Solution IP also states that a customer who is “totally satisfied” delivers 2.6x as much revenue as one who is “somewhat satisfied.” This means community and advocacy are core to the revenue of any global brand.

To improve individual satisfaction and drive community, it’s important to understand where you’re lacking and optimize from there. Surveys are a great tool to gain valuable user insights, but they’re typically delivered on an inconvenient channel at the wrong time. To advance your strategy, consider real-time relevance. This approach gives brands the ability to gage the impact of their experiences exactly when a customer is most likely to engage on mobile and other channels, and it’s all made possible in Swrve.

In addition to that, it’s important to know exactly when a customer is unhappy to act on the chance to turn things around. Swrve uses machine learning to identify the mathematical patterns in behavioral data, creating a churn propensity score for every customer across apps. Teams can combine these churn scores with other behavioral and contextual criteria to determine the best route forward in a campaign. Learn more about our churn propensity feature here.

On Where To Find The Connected Spender

Today’s customers are moving at the speed of now across mobile, email, web, and other platforms and channels. Too often, brands aren’t precise enough with their targeting, sending the right message on the wrong platform, or vice versa. Connected spenders just don’t respond well to that—they want brands to know and understand them better than that. 

To find the connected spender and target them more effectively, teams really need a live, 360° view of every customer. Dynamic campaigns in Swrve include live, self-updating audiences that are continuously refreshed in real time from the importation of over 14 billion data-points daily. This allows teams to easily see and target them as they move across devices, jump across time zones, and explore new content across channels. This also gives teams the ability to quickly adapt to every customer experience, and meet them wherever they are with value that inspires action.

On The Next Generation Marketing Executive

Every marketing executive looking to make a real impact in this landscape should consider surprise and delight marketing, the technique used to sprinkle seemingly spontaneous value into a brand’s customer journeys. It’s the same strategy that’s helped global brands triple their engagement rates in just 3 months, and drive loyalty across journey. Why? Because it’s the best way to send a special token of appreciation to those who’ve completed onboarding, or exclusive content to those who haven’t been in the app in a few days, or an offer tailored to those who’ve searched certain items in the app over 3 times. It’s real-time relevance in a way most customers aren’t used to, therefore exceeding expectations and inspiring the kind of brand appreciation that marketing executives dream of.  

Tools in Swrve combine real-time insights with hyper targeting and triggering to deliver surprise-and-delight campaigns that go the extra mile in both experience and satisfaction, all happening instantly, in real time. 

For more information about these strategies, or any of the other Swrve features that help drive real-time relevance with your customers, schedule a demo with our experts.