5 ways to win multi-channel moments swrve guide

The marketing world has changed. With the average consumer spending more time in mobile apps than on desktop and mobile internet combined, it is easier than ever for brands to reach their customers.

This means more opportunities for engagement, retention and revenue for brands, with mobile influencing $1.4 trillion in sales in 2016. And it’s not just mobile. More channels are emerging, making it possible to speak to the consumer almost anywhere, at any time.

New Devices, Mean New Adaptability

This means that the portfolio of devices on which consumers plan their lives, shop, and consume content is still expanding. There is the smartphone, of course, but also smart watches, home devices like Alexa or Google home, and don’t forget the old standbys - our desktop and TV screens are still important, though being used in different, and innovative ways.

Which means brands need to be ready to adapt their messaging to be appropriate for channels that are preferred by consumers, in their exact moment of need.

The Evolution Of The Consumer

Another variable brands have to grapple with are the evolving attitudes and values of the consumer. Long gone are the days when ‘interruption advertising’ is tolerated. Consumers know intrinsically when they are being ‘marketed to’ - and the cheesy TV ad or garish double page spread no longer has effect it once did.

Instead, successful brands must be there ‘in the moment’ offering assistance and useful information to consumers, rather than just selling them a product. Real estate is valuable on mobile, and communications have much greater ability to irritate. On that basis it’s imperative that communication from brands is relevant, personalized and useful to consumers.

Our eBook ‘5 Ways To Drive Multi-Channel Moments’ will guide you through five use case scenarios that illustrate the exact kind of messages your customers wants to receive, and how the multi-channel landscape can win your business more moments of engagement - and succeed as a result.

You can download the whitepaper here. We hope you enjoy it.

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